Neth Sworn-in as Kosrae's At-Large Member in the Congress

TOFOL, KOSRAE. SEPTEMBER 16, 2022– Senator Rolinson B. Neth has been sworn in as the state of Kosrae’s At-Large, 4-year representative to the Twenty Second Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Senator Neth was nominated by Governor Carson Sigrah of the state of Kosrae to fill the state’s vacant seat in the FSM Congress, created when Aren B. Palik was elected as the Nation’s Vice President on September 13, 2022.  The FSM Congress elected Palik to the Vice Presidency following the passing of its former occupant, the late Yosiwo P. George who held the Vice Presidency post since 2015.

On the same day that the vacancy in the Congress was created, Governor Sigrah transmitted his nomination of Neth to fill the vacant post, pursuant to title 9 of the FSM Code, section 106 (3) (b), which states that an unexpired term in the Congress of one year or less will be filled through appointment by the Governor of the state affected.

As such, Speaker Wesley W. Simina administered the virtual Oath of Office to Neth in Kosrae during the Special Order of Day 12 of the 5th Regular Virtual Session. Speaker Simina thanked the Governor for his quick action to fill the constitutional role and thanked the new Senator for accepting the role and welcomed him to the Congress. The Speaker shared that “joining the Congress will place a lot on your plate, especially when you take on the welfare and wellbeing of the people.”

Other Members of the Congress echoed the Speaker’s sentiments and welcomed Neth to the Congress. Neth reciprocated the gratitude to the Members of the Congress for the credential review that enabled him to be a Member of the Congress and promised to “fulfil to the best of my ability, the responsibilities entrusted to me by the Governor and members of the Congress.”

Neth has an eclectic educational background that started in Tafunsak Elementary School in 1975, to the College of Micronesia where he leaned towards the medical field in pre-nursing. Neth then graduated in ’86 with an Associate of Science degree in Nursing from the Saipan School of Nursing, with a B.A. in Elementary Education from UOG (’04) and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Concordia University in Portland (’16).

His eclectic educational background translated into an equally diverse working experience ranging from nursing to classroom teacher, both primary and tertiary levels, to Principal of both elementary and high school. Prior to his appointment to the FSM Congress, Neth served the Government of Kosrae as the Chief of Staff for the Governor.

Neth was born on June 4, 1962, and is married to Sharon R. Neth and they have six boys and two girls.