Committee to Wait on President discusses Covid19 updates and PIF membership

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. May 6, 2021.  The 11th Special Session of the 21st Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia convened on May 3, 2021 as set by Speaker Wesley W. Simina.Following the formalities to open and

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FSM Congressional Committee On Ways And Means To Conduct Public Oversight Hearing On Various Pandemic Economic Assistances COLONIA, YAP. April 21, 2021.

The Chairman of the Congressional Standing Committee on Ways and Means, Senator Isaac V. Figir, has issued a public notice for a public hearing with relevant National Government agencies this Friday, April 23rd a

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Congress Amends Tax Law to Permit Added Gross Revenue Tax Deductions For Businesses Contributing Towards Employees Health Insurance

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. On March 26, 2021, the FSM Congress passed Congressional Bill CB21-336. If it becomes law, it would allow a gross revenue tax deduction for businesses contributing towards its employees’ MiCare

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