Palik Sworn-in as Nation's Ninth Vice President

TOFOL, KOSRAE. SEPTEMBER 13, 2022 – Senator Aren B. Palik has been sworn in as the Ninth Vice President of the Federated States of Micronesia, on Day 9 of the Fifth Regular Virtual Session of the 22nd FSM Congress, witnessed by citizens across the Nation and beyond its borders.

Among its continuing firsts by the FSM Congress, the Oath of Office for the Vice President was another first of its kind and a virtual event that truly involved the whole Nation.  The state of Chuuk began the momentous occasion with the FSM National Anthem sung by Andreas Rayhpand followed by the invocation from Reverend Godaro Lorrin in Pohnpei, to Senator Isaac Figir’s nomination of  Palik in Kosrae for the Vice Presidency.

With Palik’s acceptance of the nomination, citizens of the FSM across the Nation and beyond its borders witnessed FSM history being written on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 from the temporary Chamber of the FSM Congress in Palikir which was packed with representatives from the President’s Office, Vice Speaker McGarry Miguel and Members of the Pohnpei State Legislature along with representatives from the national departments and agencies. Acting Chief Justice Beauleen Carl-Worswick of the FSM Supreme Court administered the virtual Oath of Office to Senator Palik in Kosrae, the FSM’s first Oath of Office administered virtually to a Vice President.

The Kosrae Delegation Office was equally packed with witnesses that included Governor Carson Sigrah and Lt. Governor Arthy G. Nena along with the leadership of the Kosrae State Government and families and friends who were on hand to witness the national milestone. 

Vice President Palik willingly accepted the nomination and promised to continue serving the people of the Federated States of Micronesia. On his point of privilege, he stated that “as a public servant, and we are all public servants, we must be prepared to sacrifice and do our part to ensure unity in our nation for a smooth and uninterrupted operation in our government.”

The Vice President shared his appreciation and gratitude to the 22nd FSM Congress for their continuous support for the time spent with Congress. He continued to share his appreciation to Kosrae Delegation’s Chairman, Senator Paliknoa K. Welly, and his family for their full support on the new chapter he’s about to step into.

Palik was the At-Large 4-year member from Kosrae State to the 22nd FSM Congress. Senator Palik has an extensive background in banking and management, and later elected to FSM Congress in 2019 until his recent nomination to the vice presidency. The Vice President is married to Mrs. Adelita Abraham Palik and they have four children.


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