Special Session Called Prior to Border Opening

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. July 15, 2022– Speaker Wesley W. Simina has called for the 5th Special Session of the Twenty Second Congress to convene on Monday, July 18, 2022, for five consecutive

The Speaker’s call for session noted that considering the recently enacted Healthy Border Protect Act from the May will “lead to the opening of our borders starting next month, August.

“Knowing that this will be the first time for the FSM to open up its borders after the 2020 lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis, much remains to be done beforehand.”

While the main focus of the Special Session is to follow through on the Executive’s progress on the regulation relating to the Healthy Border Protection Act, the session will continue to work on the FY-2023 Budget along with important matters pending before the Body.

The 5th Special Session is scheduled for five consecutive days beginning Monday, July 18 thru Friday July 22, 2022. Due to the continuing health protocols in place by both state and national governments due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Special Session will again be conducted remotely. It will be held at 11am Pohnpei and Kosrae time, and 10am Yap and Chuuk time.

Again, due to health protocols the general public is advised against attending the session, but are encouraged to follow the live-sessions online at: www.cfsm.gov.fm.



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