Congress is in recess to mourn the passing of Chairman Konman

WENO, CHUUK. September 16, 2021– The Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia has gone into recess today until Monday to mourn the passing of the Chairman of the Special Committee on Climate Change and Environmental Issues, the Honorable Derensio S. Konman.

Congressman Konman passed away at 8pm last night September 15, 2021 at the Chuuk State Hospital. The Congressman was attending to his personal errands following yesterday’s session when fell ill and was rushed to the hospital, he never recovered. He would have turned 49 at the end of this month.

The Congress had just convened on Monday to begin its approval process for the National Government budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Today is Day 4 of the national body’s deliberations and with last nights turn of events it was the consensus of all members to go into recess.

Speaker Simina recessed the Congress to allow the Members time for grief and personal reflections.  The entire Congress family is in shock as the Congressman was always a staff favorite.

Congressman Konman joined the Congress in 2017 as the two-year representative of the people from Southern Namoneas or Congressional Election District (3) of Chuuk State to the 20th Congress.  He was re-elected to hold the same role in the subsequent elections of 2019 and to this year’s national elections in March.  He served on the various Standing Committees of the Congress throughout his tenure, and was appointed during the 21st Congress to chair the Special Committee on Climate Change and maintained his chairmanship during the reorganization of the current 22nd Congress.

Congressman Konman is survived by his wife Dr. Pere Sappa and their two daughters and 4 sons along with an extended community of family and friends.

The Congress is working with the family and the State Government on the funeral arrangements.


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