Executive Branch

(FSM Constitution Article X)
The Executive Branch is charged with the management and operations the National Government with the executive powers of the National Government vested in the President. The President is the Head of State and Head of Government for the Federated States of Micronesia. The President is assisted by the Vice President and both are elected by the FSM Congress from among the at-Large Members to serve a four-year term. 
The President nominates the heads of the National Departments and submits to the Congress for approval. The heads of the national Departments and certain offices serve as advisors to the President and are collectively known as the President’s Cabinet. 
Headed by the President and assisted by the Vice President with support from the Cabinet, the current Leadership of the Executive Branch is as follows: 
President   His Excellency Peter M. Christian
Vice President   The Honorable Yosiwo P. George
1.    Dept. of Foreign Affairs:   The Hon. Lorin S. Robert
2.    Dept. of Justice:   The Hon. Joses Gallen
3.    Dept. of Finance & Administration:   The Hon. Sihna N. Lawrence
4.    Dept. of Health & Social Affairs:   The Hon. Magdalena A. Walter
5.    Dept. of Education:   The Hon. Kalwin Kephas
6.    Dept. of Resources & Development:   The Hon. Marion Henry
7.    Dept. of Trans., Comm., & Infra:   The Hon. Lukner B. Weilbacher
8.    Office of the Public Defender:   Mrs. Lorrie P. Asher
9.    Office of Nat’l Archives & Historic Preservation:   Dr. Rufino Mauricio
10.  FSM Postal Services:   Mrs. Ginger Porter Mida

As Head of Government, with advice and consent of Congress, the President appoints Ambassadors and Justices. The Nation’s current representatives in the international area are: 

FSM Diplomatic Missions 

1.   FSM Mission to the United Nations, NY Her Excellency Jane J. Chigiyal
2.   Embassy of the FSM – Washington D.C.: His Excellency Akillino H. Susaia
3.   Embassy of the FSM – Japan: His Excellency John Fritz
4.   Embassy of the FSM – China: His Excellency Carlson D. Apis
5.   Embassy of the FSM - Fiji: His Excellency Sebastian L. Anefal