Speaker Delays Session to Accomodate Constitutional Convention

PALIKIR, POHNPEI. January 10, 2020.  Speaker Wesley W. Simina has delayed the convening of the Third Regular Session of the 21st Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia from January 10, to convene instead on January 27 2020, for its 20-day duration as set by law.

The delay of session was to accommodate the Nation’s Fourth Constitutional Convention to organize itself and attend to its mandates. 

Twenty-Four delegates from across the Nation gathered on Tuesday morning of January 7, 2020, in the Congress Chamber to attend to the mandates of the 4th FSM Constitutional Convention.  First among its first order of business, was the organization of the Convention leadership for which the delegates selected the following:


1. President – Delegate Redley Killion of Chuuk State;

2. Vice President – Delegate Iso Salvador Iriarte of Pohnpei State;

3. Floor Leader – Delegate Andrew R. Yatilman of Yap State; and

4. Chairman of the Committee of the Whole – Delegate Johnson S. Asher of Kosrae State.


Along with the organization of its leadership, the Convention also decided on five supporting committees and decided on the following leadership:


1.  Committee on Civil Liberties and Traditions -  Chairman Mason Albert (Pohnpei)

2.  Committee on Government Structure and Functions -  Chairman Victor Nabeyan (Yap)

3.  Committee on Style and Arrangement -  Chairman Salomon Saimon (Pohnpei)

4.  Committee on General Provisions, Chairwoman Yoslyn G. Sigrah (Kosrae)

5.  Committee on Public Finance and Revenue, Chairman Peter Sitan (Chuuk)


The 24 delegates of the 4th FSM Constitutional Convention are:








 Redley Killion


Johnson Asher


 Iso Salvador Iriarte


1. Victor Nabeyan



1. Peter Sitan

2. Marcus Samo

1. Canney L. Palsis

2. Yoslyn G. Sigrah

1. Tendy (Tesiwo)Liwy

2. Akillino H. Susaia

1. Andy P. Choor

2. Andrew Yatilman


1. Camillo Noket

2. Nickson M. Bossy


1. Berney Martin

2. Salomon Saimon



1. Myron I. Hashiguchi

2. Jack S. Fritz


1. Mason Albert

2  Ricky Cantero



1. Cindy Siren

2. Kind K. Kando





1. Asterio Takesy

2. James A. Naich





The 4th FSM Constitutional Convention has been scheduled to recess on January 22, 2020. 

The Third Regular Session of the 21st Congress is scheduled to convene for 20 days starting on Monday – January 27. 2020.

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