3rd Special Session to be held in the State of Chuuk


Weno, Chuuk, November 20, 2019 – Through the consensus of the majority of members of Congress through polling, and subsequently, Speaker Wesley W. Simina has authorized the 3rd Special Session of the 21st Congress to be held in the State of Chuuk for the duration of 10 days from the 25th of November to the 4th of December. According to Rule 1, Section 3 of the Official Rules of Procedure of the Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia provides that the Congress may meet in session in a State of  the Federated States of Micronesia other than the State of Pohnpei;  and , it is the sense of the Members of the Congress  of the Federated States of Micronesia that holding the 3rd Special  Session in the State of  Chuuk will give the members of the Congress an opportunity to learn  more about the present challenges facing the State of Chuuk and  provide the people of the State of Chuuk an opportunity to observe the Congress in session. All pending nominations and matters of importance to the nation from the previous session will be addressed during this time.

In addition to the 3rd Special Session to be held on Chuuk, an United Nations Development Program Conference will be facilitated by  the 21st Congress on the 21st and the 22nd. Some of the talking points to be convered during this event are key developmental issues, code of ethics, rules of procedure, temporary special measures for participation, constitutional convention and budgetary measures.

The general public and all interested parties are welcome to witness this rare and momentous occasion of the 3rd Congressional Session to be held at the Chuuk State Government Complex in the Governor’s Auditorium.


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